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Sciac Card a New Financial Instrument Concept

The Sciac card is a new revolutionary financial instrument concept, an innovation recently patented in the USA, titled "Method and System for Integrating Savings and Credit with Different Interest Rates".

Sciac is an integrated savings and credits account system for long, medium and short term. It is very simple,versatile and flexible as for carrying out transactions as for making installment payment.

The Sciac card is also a payment instrument, which is useful for buying and selling all kinds of values at any amount, whether they are high, medium or lower, such as money, securities, credit titles, goods or services.

Sciac is a "plain vanilla" financial instrument like the Financial Regulatory Reform is dreaming for the financial system.

Financial Crisis Solution
Sciac is a great solution to several of the existing financial instruments problems, which collapsed in the current financial crisis that is affecting the global economy and causing many of the social problems.

The causes of the current crisis have been discussed at length. Famous economists have voiced their opinions in the most reputable newpapers and magazines such as Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Economist and in many economic study centers at Universities, The World Bank, Treasury Department, Federal Reserve, IMF and so on.

Nevertheless, there are still some unsolved causes such us financial limitations for crisis control and for relieving social and economic issues.

Sciac is not only a good answer to this need, but also solves many other financial system problems, as well as provides new and interesting social an economic applications.

Some financial crisis problems are the payment system paralysis and the complexity of financial assets and liabilities management, which Sciac can simplify by integrating savings of selling and credit of buying significantly reducing accounts and operations. This simplification would be very useful for everybody such as companies, banks and savings & loans institutions.


  Andres Fuentes Torres
    Author of Sciac Card Concept
    CEO & Owner
    Sciac Investment Ltda.
    Civil Engineer PUC Chile
Remarkable Properties of Sciac Formula
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Understanding Sciac Concept
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Free Sciac Licenses Offer
Free Sciac Licenses under conditions are offered to facilitate the use of this new financial product.
The beneficiaries of free licenses are:
1) Non-profit Banks for the poor,
2) State and international
     non-commercial Banks.